Products & Services

  • What is Cure WorldCosplay?
    Cure WorldCosplay is the world's largest cosplay platform, where 720,000 users from 180+ countries visit.

ICO general

  • Do you have presale?
    Yes. Presale is until 2:59pm April 8th. (UTC+0)
    The minimum purchase amount is 25ETH.
  • When does public sale start?

    Under adjustment / TBD

  • Anyone can participate in COT Token Sale?
    Resident of the countries where ICO is prohibited or restricted by laws, cannot participate in COT presale or COT public sale (token sale).
  • Why do you conduct ICO?
    To achieve token economy and solve challenges. Please check White Paper for more information.
  • What do I need to participate in this ICO (Token Sale)?
    You need Ethereum (ETH) to purchase COT, and your ID and residential proof are required to whitelist yourself.
  • What is Whitelist?
    People on our whitelist can participate in our token sale.
  • Can I purchase Token without whitelisting myself?
    No, you can't buy if you are not on the Whitelist.
  • To purchase COT, which wallet do I need?
    ERC-20 Compatible wallet such as below.
    We recommend MyEtherWallet.
    -MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
    -MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser add-on)
    -Mist (Desktop)
    i-mToken (iPhone)
    i-mToken (Android)
  • Can I purchase COT with Bitcoin or USD (other than ETH)?
    We accept ETH only.
  • What is the rate to purchase COT?
    1COT = 0.0001 ETH
  • What if I sent ETH to wrong address/wrong amount?
    You are solely responsible for your payment. Please double check carefully before the transaction.
  • When do I receive COT?
    COT will be delivered to your wallet through Smart Contract after the payment process is completed.
  • How do I store COT safely?
    You can store COT in your ERC20 Compatible wallet. For more safety, we recommend you to store COT on a hardware wallet/ cold storage wallet.
  • How much are Hard cap and Soft cap?
    The hard cap is 400,000,000 COT and there is no soft cap.
  • What happens to the tokens not purchased during the token sale?
    Will be burnt.
  • How long is the COT lock up period for the founders?
    For one year.


  • Which Blockchain do you use?
    We use Ethereum Blockchain. (ERC20)
    COT can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallet.
  • Why do you use blockchain? What kind of challenge does it solve?
    Blockchain technology payment and blockchain's high tamper deterrence can solve the following challenges.

    The challenges that domestic and foreign cosplayers, photographers, designers and users (fans) are facing.
    _ Adverse effects caused by not having a payment account
    _ Revenue allocation by contents
    _ Uncertainty of evaluation
    _ Globalization of information
    _ Unexplored value
  • How will Cure protocol look like?
    Cure Protocol will let CPC functions as Smart Token™.

    In Smart Token, issuers set necessary reserves and freely issue tokens through the Smart Contract. And when you purchase / sell, the token price, the total issued token amount and the necessary reserves are automatically determined by a calculation. It won't stop demand related to the token.

    About the algorithm that determines the price of the CPC, we will adopt the Bancor Protocol for the following reasons.
    1. Continuous liquidity
    It's purchased and sold through the Smart Contract without relying on demand and supply in the market.
    2. Predictable price fluctuations
    Before a transaction is executed, it is possible to pre-calculate a price fluctuation caused by buying or selling at the current price
    3. Low volatility
    It can secure the Smart Token, create a large market depth, and control price fluctuations.
  • How do you protect users' personal information?
    The information, which is connected to platform users directly such as the number of COT they have, will be protected by blockchain technology.

About Token

  • What kind of tokens will be circulated on Cure WorldCosplay?
    COT and CPC will be circulated. Please refer the White Paper for more details for each.
  • What is COT?
    COT will be functioned as a Utility Token in Cure WorldCosplay's ecosystem. COT's functions are mainly focused on 2 points.

    1. Payment: It becomes the basic currency for trades within Cure WorldCosplay.
    2. Reserve: Utilized as reserve for token newly issued by Player (CPC) and
    will function to secure CPCs’ values
  • What is CPC?
    CPC is a token used by anyone on Cure WorldCosplay, to create their own added value and promote economic activities. Since everyone on Cure WorldCosplay can issue CPC, various tokens will be distributed on Cure WorldCosplay from popular ones to less popular ones. In order to solve the token's liquidity problem, CPC has the nature of the Smart Token™.
  • Is it beneficial for cosplayers?
    Yes. This project will make a better environment for the players including cosplayers to do business.
  • Is there any benefit only for those who have CPC?
    Depends on who's CPC you have. Players will make CPC attractive and issue them
  • Can I puchase photobooks by cosplayers overseas with COT in the future?
    We are planning the system that the players can sell their items, including photobooks.
  • What should I do if my favorite cosplayer doesn’t issue CPC?
    Please ask and encourage them to issue CPC.
  • Is there any transaction fee for COT or CPC trading?
    You need gas for transaction