Registration Form

Please fill the following form if you want to participate in COT presale

*Please create ERC20 compatible wallet if you have not.

*Please DO NOT pay directly from the exchange.

*Please input "Ethereum" amount

*You can enter up to two decimal places

If you wish to participate as a corporate, please email to cotgogo@curecos.com for whitelisting.

As you proceed, you will need to submit the followings:

1. Passport or International Driver License, issued by Government

  * Display photograph, full name and date of birth, expiration date and issuer.

  * Be sure you include the whole Information and photo is well-focused

2. Picture of you holding your ID used for 1 above, next to your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID.

3. Proof of Residence issued within 3months

  *Display your full name, address, document date and issuer (can be credit card/bank statement or utility bill.)